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How To Summerize Your Park Model

By Karen Such

1. Cut heavy Styrofoam to window size. Trim to fit. Place in all windows between glass and mini blind. If necessary, use tacks to hold in place (Do Not Use Tape.) Number your Styrofoam to use again next season. DO NOT use foil reflecatant as windows are tinted and reflectantant is not recommended by window manufacturers. (Note: If you have had your windows tinted in the last few years, it is not necessary to cover them according to the person installing the tinting.)

2. Pour RV antifreeze down on all drains, including toilet bowls. If you have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal, place small amounts of antifreeze in the unit. Turn it on for a split second, then turn it off. Protect rubber seal and gaskets.

3. Fill two (2) one gallon milk jugs full of water. Leave one in the bedroom and the other one in the kitchen. More water is not necessary, as it will dissipate to fast releasing too much humidity into the unit. (Note: If you plan to leave your air conditioner on, do not put the water containers in your park model. If you do, the air conditioner will run constantly trying to take the moisture out of the air.)

4. Shut off water at outside connection.

5. Shut off all electricity at power meter and circuit breaker box. (Note: you may need power for summer watering/lighting.)

6. Disconnect TV and Microwave.

7. Place cup of coffee grounds (not perked) in refrigerator and freezer. Leave the doors closed.

8. Place a good amount of bay leaves in any cupboard where you have food or have food stored (keeps out the wigglies)

9. Place “20 Mule Team Borax” laundry soap in a saucer in clothes closets and drawers (keeps out the moths and is reusable next season.)

10. Do not leave any aerosol cans, wine, beer, or soda in a unit.

11. Do not drain the hot water tank, as the air will get to the element if you do so. However, it does need a good flushing on return.

12. For extra security, place a 1” x 4” board cut to fit in the patio doorframe so it will not slide open. Or, purchase a bar locking device that flips down to keep the door from opening.

13. Make Sure all doors and windows are locked, including your shed, before leaving.

14. Turn on motion lights and dusk to dawn lights. Intruders like the darkness.

15. Set off a bug bomb under your unit before you leave and again when you return.

16. Make sure that your Homeowners Office has your forwarding address and phone number in case of an emergency and check out.

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